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Vidyadhan Commerce College

Valwadi, Dist. Dhule(MH)



About us

Sharda Shaikshanik & Samajik Sanstha was established in 2009 with a devoted team of trustees. We are glad that Sharda Santha has become a well-recognized institution for imparting quality education owing to the constant, sincere, and dedicated efforts of staff who have been channelizing all the efforts towards strengthening these outcomes are evident. We believe in quality education and that every learner is equal. We not only add skills to the learners but also impart moral values to them. Our institution, within a very short span, has established a prestigious name in the field of education. Sharda Shaikshanik & Samajik Sanstha well known as Vidyadhan was established by Prin. Dr. Kishor Bhika Patil with a vision to provide values added educational platform to society in multiple disciplinary rights from Nursery to Post Graduation programs enabling all our students to achieve freedom through Education. Mrs. Sharda K. Patil a woman with golden dreams & enthusiasm for converting dreams into reality, is the President of Vidyadhan Educational Institute. She is associated with a large number of Educational, Social activities in Maharashtra. Vidyadhan has created an academic ambiance vibrant and enjoyable. It keeps its vision and mission in focus. It instills in students a sense of commitment and devotion to serving humanity. It inculcates values that prepare students for academic excellence through various ways of analytical thinking, work ethics, devotion, and dedication. We nurture qualities like leadership, creativity, aesthetic sense, discipline, compassion, life skills, and soft skills. We always try to groom the personality of our students by organizing various co-curricular, extracurricular, and sports activities.

Goals & Objective
  • “Twam Tasya Jivansya Shilpkarha”
President: Mrs. Sharda K. Patil.

It’s my pleasure to introduce and welcome you to the Sharda Shaikashnik & Samajik Sanstha with various programs from Nursery to Post Graduate. We try to provide educational opportunities to all segments of society. We try to inculcate values like morality, equanimity, sympathy, compassion, aesthetic sense, truth, development of humanity, broad-mindedness, honesty, non-violence, spiritual development, devotion, respect, cooperation, integrity, democratic sense, equality, and universal welfare to lead them towards comprehensive development. We equip our students with study skills, life skills, and soft skills to make them confident, responsible citizens of the country and the globe. We always try to nurture students and provide them with an academic and inspiring ambiance to groom their personalities. We have highly qualified and dedicated staff, well-equipped laboratories, and a rich library which facilitates the teaching-learning process. I appeal to all stakeholders to be with us in our human and collective endeavor to serve humanity. Thank You!

Founder & Vice-President: Prin. Dr. Kishor B. Patil

Dear all, I wish to extend my warm welcome to you into the family of Vidyadhan. It would indeed give us immense pleasure to have you here with us so that we can travel with the right people in the right direction to achieve our goals. We recognize our responsibility to ensure that students are provided with an enriching social, cultural, and recreational environment. We always try to follow the recommendations given by various National Education Commissions to increase access to and participation in education and improve quality education. We enable them to adapt to the changing ever globalizing traditions of acceptance of diversity of India’s heritage culture and history and promote social cohesion and religious amity, this helps to create an affectionate bond and rapport between teaching, non-teaching staff, and students. We believe in smart work, excellence in academics, and extracurricular, cultural, and sports activities of students. I still believe that this is just the beginning and through a strategic roadmap, we are committed to growing further in new dimensions to seamlessly fit into the global fabric and be at par with the global standards of excellence.

Secretary: Mr. Harshal K. Patil

God has created every individual with unique characteristics. When I see the current education system, the first thing I seek to answer is how every student is unique among others in terms of knowledge. In the Present system, students read subjects only in preparation for the examination and all students refer to the same notes or textbook The Ultimate goal of Vidyadhan is to furnish the knowledge that each student has and develop their personality. Our focus is to provide essential resources for our students to enhance their way of learning over the traditional education system. We are having well-educated and young faculties who can connect with youth and bring new techniques, and ideas to make youth independent and self-motivated. After all, youth is the strongest pillar of the nation, and coming towards the kids in our school is the future of society. We organize activities, and events from which they can build confidence, moral ethics, and logistic skills it helps to develop creative minds. I would like to invite individuals to join hands with us to make a strong & powerful Vidyadhan family. Thank You!

Director: Ms. Pooja K. Patil.

We are living in a fast-changing world, a changing society, progressing at a galloping speed, impact of science, scientific research, technological development, and globalization on our daily life is vibrant and unavoidable, So the need to be geared up for tomorrow is greater than ever before. In this era of a highly competitive global market, there should be a synergy between today’s needs & tomorrow’s expectations. It's a fact that the progress of a nation depends upon the quality of its teachers, so along with providing responsible citizens, teacher effectiveness and efficiency is the goal of the institution. The total system of education can be overhauled and streamlined only when the teachers are well-trained professionally and personally. The grooming of students is so done that in addition to distinguishing themselves in academics, individuals will also be able to participate in a wide range of co-curriculum and extra curriculum activities. The infrastructure of spacious classrooms, labs, and libraries not only facilitates the teaching methodology but provides a holistic approach to the overall child's development. The playground and the sports facilities provide them the spirit to rise high in this competitive world and turn into a responsible citizens of a futuristic nation. I assure you that every student admitted to the Vidyadhan will find the staff and general environment warm, friendly, and nurturing, coupled with an atmosphere that breeds cooperation and trust.

Principal: Prin. Dr. R. B. Pawar

Sharda Shaikshanik & Samajik Sanstha, one of the leading institutes in and around Dhule city believes in quality which is always a result of strong intentions, dedicated efforts, appropriate, intelligent decisions, and skillful execution to serve society. Vidyadhan never compromised on the quality of education. We nurture in our students a sense of social commitment, humanitarian values, ethical practices, and professionalism and thus endeavor to make them global citizens who can look beyond geographical boundaries and become good social and responsible citizens of society. I am working with this institution for a long time collaboratively and from June 2021 I am designated as Principal of Vidyadhan College as well as secretary of the College Development Committee. Today the role of Vidyadhan is not only to impart knowledge that encompasses the prescribed syllabi of the institution but that of the world beyond the classroom. It is the role of the college to build and strengthen character that will not crumble when tested in the crucible of adulthood, and to develop qualities of good leadership that can be employed in the future for the creation of a superior


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